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Submitting for Draw


Draw Hunt Procedures:

Arizona's Big Game hunting works on a lottery system unless over-the-counter tags are available.  

Please visit https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/overview/ for more information. 

If you need assistance in submitting for a hunt please contact us.

If you successfully drew a tag and need assistance on your hunt, please contact us as soon possible to coordinate the hunt.  


Question: Does H3H Pay for the hunting license or tag?

Answer:  No.  The foundation's mission is to help our heroes conduct their hunts.  We do not pay for transportation to Arizona, hunting licenses or hunt tags. 

Question: What does the foundation pay for?

Answer: The foundation pays for the client's food, transportation and lodging expenses once they have arrived in Arizona.

Question:  Where do we stay when hunting?

Answer:  We try to provide the best hunting experience as possible.  Sometimes those hunts include out of tents (camping), RV's, hotels, or out of our own homes.  The healing is about camaraderie.

Question:  Are there guns or bows available or do we have to bring our own?

Answer: It is advisable that all clients bring their own hunting equipment.  This includes, clothing, guns, bows, scent control, cold weather gear and supplies, and ammo.  The foundation does have the following:

  • Optics (Binoculars, Spotting Scope, & Rangefinder) donated by Vortex Optics
  • PSE TAC 10 Crossbow

Question:  How far will we be expected to shoot?

Answer:  It is advisable for hunters using the hold over method to zero their rifle at 300 yards and be very familiar with your guns performance out to 400 - 450 yards.  If you are doping your scope, we recommend zeroing your gun 3-4 inches high at 100 yards and using the Shooter App.  This app allows you to input your zero range, as well as your zero offset height and calculate appropriate MOA adjustments.  Most shots will be taken between 250-400 yards.

Donated tag hunts


Donated Tag Procedures

Eligibility: Donation to a qualifying organization for use by a military veteran with a service-related disability.   A U.S. veteran of the Armed Forces who has a service-connected  disability is defined in law as one who has “a permanent physical  impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities  requiring the assistance of another person or a mechanical device for  physical mobility.”

1.  Do you meet the eligibility criteria above?

2.  Documents Required:

  • 2019 Client Application 
  • 2019 Arizona Game & Fish Hunting License   
  • CHAMP Permit (If you need it)
  • Crossbow Permit (If you need it) 
  • VA declaration letter 

3.  Ensure you state that you are interested in a donated tag.

(You will be placed on a tag donate list)

4.  When a donated tag is received, all eligible clients will be notified to verify their availability.  

5.  All clients available for the hunt will be presented to the approval board for consideration.  If you are notified that you are to receive a donated tag immediately send us a photo copy of your 2019 hunting license.   Your AZ hunting license, the donated tag, and  the tag transfer affidavit will be presented to AZG&F to facilitate the tag transfer into your name.  

6.  The foundation will contact you to coordinated the hunt.

Hunt Coordinator: Cameron Greenwood