2019 Hunts

14-17 February 2019


H3H Foundation Appreciation Hunt was a major success.  Foundation President Wayne Dubois and Board Member Gary Linendoll evaluated potential disabled Hero hunt event in Texas with SK Hoggers out of Comanche, Tx.  4 days, 20+ hogs on the ground.  

This is a go for future 2020 Hero Hunt

23 February 2019


Retired Navy Veterans & California Boys Gary  Kavacivich & Harold Sammons doubled up this morning filling both tags on the first day of their hunt.  Hunt assisted by Foundation President Wayne Dubois

Great job gentlemen!! See you in the fall!!!

Upcoming Hunts


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Upcoming Hunts


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Upcoming Hunts


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Upcoming Hunts


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2018 Hunting Success

Charles Guillory - US Army


Charles Guillory is a Vietnam War Veteran who tagged his 2018 Mule deer in November (GMU 30b)  with the help of foundation president Wayne Dubois.

Chuck Cunningham - US Army


US Army Retired SFC Chuck Cunningham is a war veteran who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  Mr. Cunningham took his 90+ inch Coues Whitetail in Unit 35A with the help of his son Chucky Cunningham and foundation President Wayne Dubois.

Ryan Beamish - USMC


Marine SGT Ryan Beamish is a disabled veteran of Operation Iraq Freedom who received a donated GMU 10 Bull Elk tag.  Sgt Beamish took his beautiful 5x5 bull on day 1 of his hunt with the help of foundation board member Cameron Greenwood and foundation president Wayne Dubois.

Cecil LaVance - US Air Force


Korean War Veteran Cecil LaVance asked for help on his 2018 Coues whitetail hunt in Unit 35A and harvested this small buck, with the help of foundation president Wayne Dubois.  Way to go Cecil!!!

Jason Polk - US Army


Veteran Jason Polk took his 2018 New Mexico Oryx off Gregor Range,  just south of Alamogordo, NM on opening morning of this 2018 Hunt with the help of Foundation President Wayne Dubois.

Jean Whipple


Jean Whipple is the spouse of a Retired Navy Veteran.  Ms Whipple asked if we would help her go hunting.   After three days of hunting, Ms Jean took a beautiful 95+ inch Coues Whitetail with the help of Volunteer Chris Sterne, Foundation Board Member Bob Ford, and Foundation President Wayne Dubois

2018 Hunting Success - Cont.

Frank Branch - USMC Retired


Retired MSG Branch took his 2018 Archery Javalina with the help of H3H Foundation volunteer and board member Johnathon Newton. 

Patrick Beamish - USMC


Operations Iraqi Freedom Veteran Patrick Beamish received a donated 30b Coues  Whitettail tag and took this beautiful buck with the help of foundation board member Cameron Greenwood and volunteer  Russell Woolstenhulme.

Robert Lowe & Harald Sammons


Retired Navy Fighter Pilot Rob & Sam successfully harvested their beautiful Coues Whitetail moments apart from 35a (Fort Huachuca) with the help of Foundation President Wayne Dubois.

Gary Kavacivich (USN-Retired)


Navy Veteran Gary Kavacivich took this beautiful 3x3 (8 pt) Coues Whitetail off Fort Huachuca with the help of H3H President Wayne Dubois.

Randy Oliver - US Army


Disabled Veteran Randy Oliver received a donated 35a (Ft Huachuca) Turkey tag and successfully harvested this beautiful Gobbler with the help of Board Member Bob Ford.

Ryan Beamish - USMC


USMC and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Ryan Beamish took this beautiful 3x3 Coues whitetail from GMU 36A with the help of foundation board member Cameron Greenwood.

2018 Hunting Success - Cont.

Donnie Korn - US Army Retired


Go Getter, 100% Disabled Veteran Donnie Korn was donated a cow elk tag in GMU 27 and received leftover 35a Coues whitetail tags.  SFC (R) Korn successfully harvested his 2018 cow elk and coues buck.  

Andrew Gabryszak (USMC)


Disabled Marine, Andrew Gabryszak successfully harvested his 2018 Coues whitetail buck and requested recovery assistance from the foundation.